School Safety Patrol Program

School Safety Patrol Registration

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The SSP Supervisor will be the main point of contact for the school. If the Principal is also the SSP Supervisor click 'Same as Principal'.
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New Registration Packages Include:

  • SSP Program Manual
  • Training Materials:
    • Patroller Handbooks
    • Patroller Certificates
    • Program Training Manual
    • Training Video (link provided)
  • Safety Equipment:
    • Whistle(s)
    • Safety vests
    • Reflective arm bands
    • Stop signs
    • Traffic cones

You will be provided with access to the Training Materials when your school receives the email confirmation that your school has been enrolled in the program.

As such, we understand and agree that:

The principal must provide permission for the school to operate the School Safety Patrol program. An email notification will be sent to the principal to confirm the school is enrolled.

BCAA will contact your school shortly to confirm the school's enrollment.