School Safety Patrol Program

How to Get Involved

The BCAA School Safety Patrol (SSP) program has all the necessary safety equipment, student resources and training materials to get you up and running free of charge! Take heart knowing we’ve carefully considered and vetted the provided equipment, processes, and materials.

To ensure a safe and successful program, we require your crosswalk(s) to meet the following criteria:

About the Program

Provide a Student Leadership Program

Let students in grades 5-7 take the lead in promoting a safe community and learn teamwork skills. Plus, they’ll become role models for younger students and their peers.

Promote Safer Travel Routes

This program provides pedestrians and drivers with a safer route through busy school zones.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Student-patrolled crosswalks keep traffic flowing while providing a designated point to safely cross.

The SSP program helps enhance school zone safety by training students in grades 5-7 to become Patrollers that help guide their peers at road crossings within school zones. Through this program, Patrollers develop important personal skills including leadership, teamwork, volunteerism and a sense of social responsibility.

Are you no longer running the program at your school? No problem, let us know here.