School Safety Patrol Program

The BCAA SSP program is an important step in providing a safe school zone

Complete the registration and once enrolled, the BCAA School Safety program will provide all the equipment and resources to run a safe and successful program, free of charge.

Want to learn more? Look at the SSP Program Manual.

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Before you register

Make sure your school has the following:

  1. A legally marked crosswalk in the school zone that is:
    • Located within a 30 km/hour school zone
    • One single crosswalk (not multiple crosswalks on a 3 or 4-way intersection)
    • Within a reasonable proximity to the school
    • Unobstructed with clear sightlines for pedestrians and drivers
  2. The Principal or Vice Principal's consent
  3. School District authority approval to use a SSP in the school district
  4. A principal, vice principal or teacher willing to act as a Supervisor, whose responsibilities include training and to be the main contact for the program

The SSP program helps enhance school zone safety by training students in grades 5-7 to become Patrollers that help guide their peers at road crossings within school zones. Through this program, Patrollers develop important personal skills including leadership, teamwork, volunteerism and a sense of social responsibility.

Are you no longer running the program at your school? No problem, let us know here.